Emission zero. In its experience of more than forty years, Salvarani has gathered a high level of knowledge and professionality. Today, the attention given to the cutomers’ needs and the constant research, bring Salvarani to adopt the emission zero technology, characterized by the use of materials that do not spread toxic or noxious exhalations that are harmful for the people and for the ambience. This new feeling increases the incitement along the way that the company has undertaken, thanks to the cooperation with the studio Castiglia Associati who always pays attention to the most recent design trends. The combination of style and functionality, leading design and industrial potential, are the objectives of the sinergy. The Salvarani style evidences the main role of the kitchen within the living area, a space which is not only functional but also representative.

High quality
We are fully committed to excellence. Every piece we make, no matter how different in appearance from the others, will share the same standards of craftsmanship, quality of materials and attention to detail.

Our company has sought out the best working methods. After seventy years of experience in the field of kitchen furniture, Salvarani continues to follow two broad guidelines: to advance the frontiers of design and to constantly improve the production materials.

A Heritage of Craftsmanship
Salvarani kitchens are the point of contact between industrial innovation and craftsman knowledge. Those are the same criteria with which we carry on important phases of the manufacture. The careful selection of the finest veneers on the market and the highest mastery in processing them are the real heritage
of our company.

Attention to safety
Every project must respect our safety and reliability standards For this reason, Salvarani has decided to adopt the emission zero technology, which characterizes chipboards which do not spread toxic or noxious exhalations that are harmful for the people and for the environment. Paints are also ecological and non-toxic and the glass used by Salvarani is tempered, thus more resistant than the standard glass.
Even if we are not conscious of the fact, it is worth considering that furniture and kitchens contain hidden elements, which we use every day without giving it a second though, but are essential for the perfect functioning of each component: for example, the door hinges or the drawer runners. All hardware used by our company has passed the most severe tests according to the European standards.

Made in Italy
The Salvarani kitchens are the excellence of the made in Italy and are entirely designed and manufactured in Italy. The entire production process is based in Giussano, using the most advanced technologies.