Started up as a handicraft laboratory in 1939, in the sixties Salvarani launched the product which was to give its brand an international fame: the modular kitchen.

From 1959 onwards, Salvarani’s production range started to include kitchen with a plastic covering that could be bent thanks to an exclusive process. In few years Salvarani became the absolute leader on the marker, exporting a large part of its products. The company definitely established its international reputation with the display of the “Long Line” kitchen at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.
n the early seventies Salvarani developed a totally new material that the company has been producing with exclusive licence ever since: the Firon worktop. Each Salvarani kitchen is based on this indestructible surface, produced as a single block up to 6 m long.
Since 1996 Salvarani has been part of the FEG Group, active on the Italian furniture marker for over fifty years. Today Salvarani takes up a covered surface of 20.000 square metres in the Giussano plant and can rely on the productive synergy of two large companies: Salvarani’s technology in the production of laminate and Feg’s experience in the processing of wood.